A Moment To Breathe

Hello my friends. As for many I’m sure, this year has been quite the crazy ride. For us it’s been a year of great loss having to say goodbye to loved ones, but it has also been a year of enormous blessings. We were able to finally, after many, many long days and nights of hard labor, move into the home that Ronny and I dreamed and built for our family. New friends entered our lives and old friends continued to fill our hearts with kindness and laughter. Our kids have continued to flourish each in their own special way. We’ve grown in many ways and learned to set limits. This is hard, but necessary. A very, very special moment for me has been starting this blog, something I wanted to do for a long time. I so much look forward to it every day! It gives me great joy to have a platform to share the things I love with others while hopefully making beautiful new friends.

We wanted to spend Christmas in our new home this year. But we really needed a moment to get away too. The stressors of life can weigh on you and it’s important to hit the reset button every now and then.  We took a trip before Christmas to our neighbor state. The Georgia mountains are sprinkled with so many cozy and adorable towns and mountain cabins. Every year we pick a different one to stay in. 

Downtown Blue Ridge is definitely a place to visit. Main street is full of the cutest shops and wonderful restaurants. But if you go days before Christmas like we did be prepared for long wait times to eat! After lunch I of course had to go into the Chocolate Express and stock up on chocolate truffles and homemade fudge. Shamelessly, they didn’t make it home…

They had the most incredible selection of handmade, delicious smelling soaps at Humble Pie Ladies Boutique. It was so hard to narrow down my choices. These are almost too beautiful and aromatic to use.

I think I’ve forgotten campfire etiquette…only shoes or are socks acceptable?!!

How do you disconnect? How do you navigate the storms of life and ride the rainbows? This Christmas I’m sending out a cargo-ship full of love to you. I pray for a world where good prevails and where all our children and grandchildren will enjoy an abundant and healthy planet. I’ll leave you with a quick video on how Ronny roasts a marshmallow. Merry Christmas all!

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