Our Sugarberry Cottage Slighlty Modified House Plans

Email me (scroll to bottom of page) and I'll send you a better view of our plans.

The square footage of our house is 2,076. For a family of 5, sometimes 6 (when are oldest visits from college), this may seem small. Oddly as it may sound, I craved an even smaller footprint then this. I wanted to spend my time on activities that I enjoy and not on cleaning and maintaining a large home. This house plan was appealing for many reasons. The upstairs bedrooms were very large. Putting two kids together without being cramped was a win.

We also had our designer fit in a small bonus room. It serves as a cozy guest room. You can visit OUR HOME to see how we utilized existing wall space throughout the home to maximize storage and function.


Designing your own home means you can make it completely to your liking.  Say closet space or pantry size is important to you and you’re willing to sacrifice space in other areas, then you can create that with your architect or designer.

We added a three car garage attached to the house via an outdoor breezeway. Above the garage is an unfinished area of 860 square feet. We plan to build this out eventually.


Let me know if you have questions on this Sugarberry Cottage. And if you have a floor plan that you love, please share. I would love to see it!

8 thoughts on “Our House Plans”

  1. Kirista Shehane

    I’d love a copy of your plans. I sent you an email and can’t wait to see your modifications. We are in the initial phases of dirt work. I have been searching for a modification with smaller bedrooms up stairs and a bonus space! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you! I am meeting with our draftsman tomorrow. I’m going to show him the main Sugarberry floor plan and your modified version and hopefully we will come up with something in between. I’m excited! I might reach back out if I have more questions. Thank you for responding!

  3. Hi! My husband and I have been planning to build a home for the past several months. We have been completely hung up on deciding between a Four Gables and Sugarberry cottage. My biggest reservation was the two bedrooms upstairs. I’ve always wanted 3, but your floor plan with the game room is amazing! This is the only floor plan I’ve found that is Sugarberry style with more than just two bedrooms upstairs. Is there any chance you would share the floor plan lay out with me. Not the plan including all the details, just a general layout! If you aren’t comfortable I understand. Please don’t feel obligated or any pressure. I hope you are doing well! Thanks in advance. Take care!

    Casey Guilfoyle

    1. Hi Casey, You are in the exciting stage, picking out your plans! I remember going back and forth between plans too. The Four Gables is stunning! Once we found a designer and knew we could modify any idea of a plan out there, that put all my concerns to rest. I could make a houseplan that I liked fit our needs. We made several modifications to the Sugarberry Cottage plans. We too needed that third room upstairs, although it is pretty small. We could technically call it a “bedroom” if it had a window. We held off on adding another dormer as we really just use this for guests. But the two bedrooms upstairs are quite large. So you could actually take some room from these and make a third decent sized bedroom. I would recommend a window though! I am happy to share our plans. I think I’ll post them on my blog unless I figure out how to attach them to a comment. If that doesn’t work, feel free to email me (nooksinbloom@gmail.com) and I’ll send them to you. Keep me posted on progress! I’m sure it will be gorgeous.

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