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Nooks In Bloom is a a little dream that grew from my passion for all things home decor. My passion came into full bloom when my husband Ronny and I took on the challenge of owner-building our dream home in 2018. We started with ideas, a tight budget and a house plan.  We had never built a house before, nor had I ever designed an entire home from start to finish.  There were many hurdles and moments of despair.  But it also was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. 3 years later and I still pinch myself a little with what we were fortunate enough to create!

 Diy’ing is an essential part of my nature. Ronny and I love to learn and teach others. We were both raised in countries where if something broke, you found a way to fix it. Replacements were costly and we learned to value what we had.

I believe creativity and resourcefulness are two of life’s most useful attributes. Good school teachers understand the importance of building the creative individuality of children from early on.

Ronny is the engineer behind the scenes and my partner in crime. He is from Germany and I from Costa Rica. We embrace diversity and a love for all in our home and in our lives. I am so grateful to make new friends through this blog. I can only hope that what I share may inspire you in some way!

Not too long ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It was the answer to many years of health symptoms that had gotten unbearable over the past couple of years. I was fortunate to finally find a Functional Medicine doctor who properly diagnosed me and helped me get on the road to healing.

I’ve made necessary lifestyle changes and am understanding why Lyme happened ‘for me’ and not ‘to me’. I am continuously seeking knowledge on how to best treat and maintain the body’s balance. I believe in food as medicine and plan to share more of my healthy lifestyle discoveries on the blog in the future. If seeing more posts on health and lifestyle interest you please let me know in the comments below. I would appreciate the feedback.

I thank each of you for supporting this blog. Your comments, your emails and simply taking time out of your day to read a post means the world to me! I look forward to sharing this creative journey with the Nooks In Bloom family!

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