Guest bathrooms are perfect places to have fun with your decor and take some risks. In our guest bathroom we added Jelinek Striped Wallpaper on all walls.  The large, yet gentle stripes add texture and sophistication. For the floors we installed Florentina Gray Ceramic Tile. The gray of the tiles plays off the wallpaper stripes while adding another layer of decorative pattern. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns. Staying in sync with colors helps to pull it off.

Our wall-mounted sink was an inspiration from Alyson Fox’s Hill Country Escape. The Alape Bucket Sink is not only a great space saver, but it anchors the bathroom with its simple, vintage aesthetic.

The Abstract Watercolor Hanging Light I found on Overstock is so beautiful. Crystals help to glamorize the space while its bold colors burst against the neutral backdrop. Balance is key in a small space such as this half bathroom. Choosing small doses of elements like color, sparkle and pattern, keeps the decor from becoming overwhelming.

I wanted sconces on either side of the mirror. I’ve always loved that look in a bathroom. These Moonkist Wall Sconces have a unique metal mesh shade that contrasts wonderfully with the soft background. I spray painted them in Rustoleum’s Slate in tune with the sink’s trim. At night they provide a cozy, elegant glow.

Guest bathrooms are special nooks of the home that can add BIG character. New paint, updating light fixtures, adding a stylish mirror or an accent rug are  just some of the simple ways you can transform the look of your space.

Do you have any small spaces you have dressed up? Even if the rest of my house is in disarray, I am always happy to see this pretty powder room. I hope you enjoyed this tour and I would love to stay connected. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

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