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When we first moved to our Atlanta home the plan was to convert the sun room into a guest bedroom. I thought to myself, “why on Earth would I have any use for a sun room?” After 30 years in the Sunshine State, a sun room sounded like an unnecessary waste of space. But boy was I wrong…

You see, homes in Georgia, at least most homes in this state are surrounded by towering, lush trees—beautiful indeed, but undeniable light thieves. Even on sunny days, the canopy of leaved branches sucks most of the daylight out of our home, turning the indoors into a cavernous gloom. My initial plan of repurposing the sun room quickly went out the window and let’s just say this space has become my absolute saving grace.

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In this before photo of the sun room so you can get an idea of the space I had to work with. Two walls worth of windows, wooden floors, a couple of floating wall shelves, and a somewhat rectangular lay out.

This area rug from TJ Maxx will add a vibrant base to the room with its bold colors and patterns. I had purchased it for the addition in our previous home. If you’ve been following me for some time you will notice I like to repurpose and reposition existing furnishings from time to time. Why buy more when you can create new looks with what you have?

A dresser which I renovated with a distressed and worn aesthetic will look lovely against the back wall of the sun room. The sun room will double as my painting studio and as an area for relaxing or family movie night.

In a smaller space like this sun room, maximizing storage is key. The dresser is perfect for hiding my painting supplies. I like that it is tall and narrow. There is plenty of room for storage without it taking up too much space in the room.

To cover up the nail holes and marks that were on the wall when we moved in, I’m going to hang a couple of my paintings. These will bring in some pretty color and dress up the wall until I get around to painting it. A snake plant in a terracotta planter makes a statement on the dresser. Keeping the decor to a minimum here offers simple beauty that draws you in.

To begin constructing a feeling of a living area in the room, I’m bringing in the sofa that was in our previous home. It is a lovely tufted chesterfield sofa with a microfiber material which has beautifully withstood the test of time and kids.

I’ll dress up the couch with a deep pink throw blanket which you may have spotted in my French Country Bedroom scene and some navy striped throw pillows. I love the pop of color on the gray sofa. Bringing in bold tones and patterns is suiting for the liveliness of the sun room. It is a space where you can have fun with the decor.

Someone had given me a patio storage container. I painted it teal and sealed it with a clear finishing wax for durability and water resistance. I am using it as a coffee table. It is great for storage and I like how it embodies that indoor outdoor feel—perfect for sun room living. I set a couple of small house plants on it for decor. This will be a great spot for them to enjoy the sun’s rays throughout the day.

Sun rooms are perfect plant rooms—house plants will thrive with the amount of light while adorning the space. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the usage of plants as decor. Fill in shelves and corners and even bring in hanging plants. The layers of greenery will add a gorgeous, relaxing ambiance.

As I mentioned before, the back part of the sun room will be a designated mini-studio. It’s just enough room for me to prop up an easel and the lighting is great for painting.

So on one side of the room we have the dresser that we set up against the wall. On the opposite side, the wall is comprised of sliding glass doors. Since we never use these doors, I will create a spot for plants by using a shelved furniture piece.

This furniture is small and open enough to not obstruct the view to the outdoors or the sun coming in. Yet it has ample shelves for plants and decor.

More or Less?

There is one remaining spot of wall that I’m going to decorate and that is the wall next to the sofa. When it comes to styling a room there are different schools of thought. A minimalist approach or a modern take on a space might call for bare walls and parts of the room left empty. I’m doing the opposite here. I aim to give the space a full look with bursts of color and layers throughout the room.

For this wall I want something big and bold—something that will make a statement. I choose one of my 48″ x 36″ paintings with large flowers. I love how it adds an artsy vibe to the sun room.

The hanging plant is another nature detail that creates a beautiful layer of greenery in front of the painting.

Remember the floating wooden shelves in one of the before pictures at the top of this post? I added some decor and a couple more plants to these.

Even though I kept the decor light, all these details and the colors of the plants work together to create a vibrant aesthetic in the room.

So there you have it my friends. A sun room for the senses. Color, patterns, and lots of nature. For me it is a daily treat to walk in and admire each plant or take a breather on the couch. The once unappreciated space has become my favorite spot in the home.

Watch The Video Of The Sun Room Decorating

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of our newly decorated sun room. Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll be sure to see you soon! I will leave you with a final view of the before and after of this space.

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