Easy Chalk Paint Recipe

Greetings friends! I love making my own chalk paint and today I wanted to take a moment to share with you how I make it. It is an easy and effective recipe. The chalk paint I’ve made has held up wonderfully on furniture in my home and I’ve used it on many pieces I have sold.

Rub-On Transfers & Chalk Paint Blending

I use many of the brand name chalk paints on the market for my projects. But I also use paint that I have chalked. It really just depends. One of the advantages of making my own chalk paint is that there is really no limit on the color. I can choose any color available in the paint stores. Additionally, making my own chalk paint is significantly more affordable than buying ready made chalk paint.

French Provincial Gray Dresser

I’ve been asked “why chalk paint?” I would say the three reasons why I’ll choose chalk paint over non-chalk paint are:
•adhesion: because chalk paint adheres so much better to multiple types of surfaces, a lot of the prep work when painting is reduced and less coats of paint are needed.
•the chalky look: I personally enjoy that matte, chalk look in my decor. It is fitting for many European, farmhouse and other decor styles.
•control and extension: I love that I can control my chalk paint on my projects with water. I can mist my paint to think it, to create unique patterns and to extend it over a large area. Typically my chalk paint goes much further than my regular latex paints when working on projects.

Seaside Cottage Desk

For each cup of latex paint you add:
•1 tablespoon of talc (pure and unscented)
•4 tablespoons of calcium carbonate
•water (as needed. I use about 2 tablespoons per quart))
I put all the ingredients in an older blender and mix them up really well. Below is a quick video demo.

And that’s how easy it is to make your own chalk paint! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Thank you for reading friends! I so appreciate it.

Wallpapering Furniture - Stately China Hutch

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