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Hello all! It sure is getting awfully close to Christmas. Are you getting ready? I’m almost done with Christmas shopping—hallelujah! Although I simply love Christmas cookies, this year I wanted to do something different for neighbor Christmas treats and in consideration of those who may be gluten-intolerant.  I’m so glad I tried something new because, let me tell you, it took A LOT of self-control to not eat them all myself. They turned out simply scrumptious!

I wanted to do a sweet and a savory. I found these two recipes online: Parmesan Herbed Walnuts and (Paleo/Vegan) Maple Cinnamon Candied Almonds. These were so easy to make. Prep time was short and many of the ingredients I already had in my pantry. I made the Parmesan Herbed last night, but it was late so I wasn’t able to get pictures. Today I made the Candied Almonds and can share some pictures with you of the holy sweetness!

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I wish you could’ve have smelled the incredible aroma that filled the house as the roasted almonds blended together with the maple cinnamon mixture….it was HEAVENLY. As the almonds cooled a candied crust formed into perfect crunchy sweetness.

 I bought these cute corked glass bottles and mini mason jars to use as containers for my gifts. Tags tied with hemp twine add an adorable rustic touch. I tied in pieces of fresh rosemary sprigs for an aromatic seasonal detail.

Giving all year round is wonderful, but it especially warms my heart during the holidays. Even if it’s something small like nuts, I like to think that it will make someone smile. I hope you enjoyed my kitchen venture. I’d love to hear ideas of gifts you’ve made and loved. 

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