From Yard Clippings To Beautiful Wall Decor

Greetings lovely readers! I have a SUPER easy tutorial for you that I think you may love as much as I do! You can literally do this in 5 minutes. Simple gestures can make beautiful statements as wall decor. As I’ve shared in other posts, I’m all about bringing the outdoors in through details in my home decor. I love the earthy aesthetic and texture that natural elements provide. If you get creative even yard foliage or weeds can transform into a stunning wall focal point or maybe a centerpiece for your tablescapes. For this grassy wall decor creation, take a look at this 15 second video demo.

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1. Gather some yard foliage

These tall grassy plants were growing all over a hedge of bushes we have at the back of our lot. I clipped a mixture of brown and green stems. I liked how this plant was tall with thin stems and the tops had a kind of airy whimsical look.

2. Tie together

I tied my bunch together with some hemp twine. You could get creative and use decorative ribbons, seasonal ribbons or even burlap to add a rustic touch to your bundle. I liked how the hemp twine added a simple and natural look. I tied it in a small bow.

3. Hang

Final step, hang your decor! I hung the grassy decor on a screw on the wall. You could probably use a nail too. The bunch is so thick that it hooks right on.

Thank you for allowing me to share this tutorial with you. There are so many possibilities in nature you can get creative with to make amazing wall art. So many variations in color, texture, size. I can’t wait to try more!

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