A Bedroom Retreat

Our master bedroom is perhaps my favorite place to escape in our home. It is my retreat at the end of a long day or for that rare mid-day break. It is my comfy spot, my sanctuary. I put a great amount of thought into designing the look and feel of our bedroom. I wanted this space to speak to me personally—to my own level of comfort and taste.

Texture through bead board was one of my first ideas. I love the nostalgic look of bead board and accenting just one wall kept it from becoming an overwhelming element in the room.

I searched high and low for wall sconces that I liked. They needed to have a twist switch for ease of bedside use so that limited my selection. When I came across these Vintage Black Sconces with White Globes on Amazon I knew they would be perfect and I love the fun touch that they add.

A mirror given to us from a former neighbor when she moved was just the right piece to hang over a trunk  from the 1950’s  I found in the garage of the very first home I owned. The mirror had been painted a dark glossy brown. I added a rough coat of DecoArt’s Glorious Gold Metallic Paint for a French vintage look. The trunk got a mint green makeover and a new top made out of pallet boards I antiqued using paint and wax.

I’m often inspired by French decor. I always wanted a bedspread that would drape delicately down the sides of the bed and pool on the floor. I found this Ruffle Skirt Shabby Chic Bed Spread on Amazon and although it doesn’t reach the floor thanks to our 3 inch mattress topper, I absolutely love it. The look and feel are exquisite.

Needing an update, I refinished our night stands in a rustic look. I love how their primitive aesthetic anchors the style in the room. If you’d like to see the tutorial on how to get this rustic smoky look, click HERE. This was one of my easiest renovations and perhaps my favorite.

The dresser in our room was one I renovated to sell and ended up keeping for myself. When I was photographing it to list in my shop I realized how perfectly it fit in our room—I simply couldn’t part with it. If you’d like to see the before and after tutorial of this dresser and how I created this beautiful rustic look on the drawers, click HERE.

The mirror over the dresser is not typically in the room. I decided to stage it for photos while I was shooting the bedroom. However, I do love  how it brought in some très chic French flair! I really love the transformation of this mirror. It was a plain mirror with an oak wood frame. I added ornate detail through raised stencils and a distressed paint layered look for vintage appeal.

You may have noticed I like to have a hand in the pieces of our home. I much rather revive and old piece of furniture with my own personal touch than buy something already finished. I find it much more rewarding and very cost effective. There are times however, when I fall in love with something new that I must have. Such was the case with our ceiling fan. It adds just the right amount of glam to the space and I love how it sparkles at night.

Antique White and Champagne Crystal Ceiling Fan, With Remote

It truly is a pleasure to be able to design your bedroom to your liking and comfort. What makes your bedroom yours? I hope that you have enjoyed this bedroom tour. Please come back and visit again soon.

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