Eucalyptus & Red Berry Christmas Wreath

For some reason wreath-making has taken over my being this holiday season! It started with a belated birthday gift for a friend. The wreath in this post was for her.

Then I made 10 of these simple but oh so pretty hoop wreaths (see DIY hoop wreath tutorial) which I donated to our town. Maybe I got carried a little carried away with wreath making this year, but I just love the special Christmas feeling that they bring. Now take a look at how easy and wonderful it was to create the Eucalyptus wreath...

1. Add your greenery

You will need a base of foliage to start out. I just love eucalyptus. Craft stores usually carry them in different colors. I bought two 6 foot vines of green faux eucalyptus for this wreath. I wanted to achieve a full look so I needed plenty of greenery. I began by weaving my first vine all around the wreath hoop.

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I use fishing line to secure the vine to the hoop. I add fishing line every few inches just to be sure the eucalyptus is secure.

This is what the wreath looks like after the first eucalyptus vine is on. It looks pretty but needs to be thicker.

So I add my second vine by also weaving it all the way around the hoop. When you tie your fishing line, try to tie around leaves and not squish the leaves under the fishing line. This will help hide the line.

2. Spray with snow

To add a pretty winter effect to your wreath, spray a light coat of snow spray. Don’t go too heavy with the spraying as you want to preserve a Christmasy evergreen look.

3. Bring in the berries!

The next step is to add the red berries. They will add beautiful color against the deep green backdrop. I bought one big bouquet at Hobby Lobby and split it into multiple stems.

Twist each stem around the eucalyptus vine and onto the metal hoop. Tie on fishing line in several spots for extra reinforcement.

4. Add your doves

Since this was a gift for a family of three, I thought it would be special to add three little doves to the wreath. I found these at Hobby Lobby and loved their colors and detail.

I positioned them at the bottom and center of the wreath. Then I tied them on by twisting the wire they come with around the wreath.


  • 19″ steel ring
  • 2, six foot vines of faux green eucalyptus or similar
  • 1 large bouquet of faux red berries
  • 3 artificial birds with wires
  • 1 can of snow spray

Now hang and enjoy!

What did you think of this Christmas wreath tutorial? It really is easy to make and I just love the rich colors and texture. If you compare to prices of retail wreaths, you will likely find you will make something beautiful, your own, and for half the price.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of moments of making fun!

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