For The Love Of Wood-A Special Visit To A Local Woodworker

Warm greetings everyone! This weekend my son and I received a truly special treat. Phil Stanton from Tundra Mouldings & Accents, Inc. gave us a tour of his amazing workshop. For someone who admires the skill of woodworking and goes a little bit crazy when she sees raw wood specimens, I was like a kid in a candy store.

Phil Stanton is one of those people that was designed to do what he does…I call him a wood genius. Having learned the skill of woodworking from a young age, Phil knows everything there is to know about wood— its geographic origin, how it behaves, its colorings and markings, grain, durability, and history.  The first time I walked into his shop when we were building our home my eyes were met by the most stunning, cherry-finished raw slab wooden table. I’d never seen such a beautiful table. I knew then and there I wanted Phil to do some of the wood details in our home.


Here Phil shows us one of his many incredible machines—the SANDER. With three huge sanding belts, each boasting a different level of grit, this beast of a machine can sand down the roughest of wood surfaces in no time. My little orbital sander at home is a mere speckle compared to this!

This may look like an old relic, but this 12,000 pound machine turns out perfectly detailed mouldings…all types.  Phil showed us some beautiful crown mouldings he was working on for a client. This was the same machine that created the custom designed 5″ baseboards in our home. Phil has hundreds of templates for crown moulding and baseboard designs and if he doesn’t have the one you want, he can custom make a new template.

The woodworking talent runs deep in this family of 8.  Between school, jobs and activities, Phil and his wife Wendy’s children can be found in the shop turning out beautiful creations from birdhouses, to wooden trays and tic-tac-toe games.

I can’t wait for another visit to Tundra Mouldings & Accents. Cherishing the art of woodworking with your mind, your heart and your hands like Phil Stanton has done for many years is something I deeply believe in. Folks like Phil are the Rembrants of our time. I hope not that their craft is lost in a world of mass production and subpar quality.

If there is something you would like for your home—a farmhouse table, mouldings, barn doors or anything you can dream up with Phil, be sure to call or visit Tundra Mouldings & Accents, Inc. They are located at: 18409 US Highway 301; Dade City, Florida 33523 **352-807-2122**

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