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Hello lovely readers! As much as I love home decorating, the reality is decorating is not a frequent occurrence in my home. It takes energy and resources to dress up a space. I also don’t love the idea of accumulating lots of ‘things’. So typically once I set up a look in a room it stays put…for a long, long time.

But when those moments of inspo happen to strike and I’m moved to try a new aesthetic I like to reach for items on hand. Recycling and relocating decor can lead to magical outcomes.

In today’s post we’re touring our master bathroom restyled using only a few French Farmhouse-inspired touches. I’m also throwing in some pretty shots of former looks I have tried out.

A quartzite-topped vanity, metal elements and elegant faucets are some of the ways in which the original design of our master bath leans more formal than the rest of the home.

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When we built our home I thought of ways to make our master bathroom feel more luxurious without a heavy price tag. I shopped smart, buying lights and fixtures on ebay and Houzz. Even our fabulous metallic mirrors were a lucky find at a discount retailer. They add glam and style and the blue-gray hue ties in to the room’s palette.

We saved thousands when we built by opting for semi-custom RTA (Ready To Assemble). Our bathroom vanity cabinets are still looking nice several years later.

Picking out the stone for our vanity from multiple choices of remnants at the stone yard was one of the most thrilling parts of our home-design journey! Rows and rows of beautiful slabs at half the price. Remember to ask for pieces left over from other jobs when you visit stone yards.

I am still so happy with the choice we made. The veins and color-rich patterns in the quartzite are so gorgeous.

For my new look I brought in an earthy tray which I layered with neutral-colored hand towels and my flameless candles. In lieu of scented candles which can emit toxins in the home, I love using these candles around the house. They are so lovely and look even more beautiful at night when they glow.

Rethink how you use decor when outfitting a space

Planters, vases, and utensil holders can double as storage for toiletries in the bathroom. You can also fill them with candles or foliage for a pretty statement.

You may spot one of my favorite thrift store finds, a distressed grapes ceramic kitchen utensil holder, in different scenes throughout the blog. I simply can’t resist the French chic je ne sais quoi it brings to the party.

Look To Nature For Added Style

Whether I’m taking a cutting from our yard or digging into my stash of dried foliage, I’m constantly incorporating a natural element into my decor. I recently did an entire post on decorating with plants since I find them to be such a vital part of the decorative process. Plants can completely transform the aesthetic—they are packed with color, texture and style.

Working with dried foliage is a win on many levels. The muted colors add rustic appeal but can also contrast beautifully in a modern space.

Many plants and herbs such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Rosemary give off lovely scents when dried which can provide long lasting enjoyment in the home.

For my new look in the master bath, the faded brown leaves of these stems helped add a French country warmth without much effort.

Having metals play off of each other can create a lovely effect. In this case, the bronze lined vase coordinates with the  antique gold of the picture frames in a harmonious way. Together they set a relaxed, vintage vibe.

Converting the wall art into hidden medicine cabinets was one way in which we achieved both form and function when we designed the bathroom.

I was afraid a bulky cabinet would have spoiled the elegant ambiance I envisioned for this space.

Details love, remember the details...

When decorating your home, take joy in the details. They each play an important role. The best part is when the curtains are drawn and the orchestrated symphony of details dance marvelously together.

I take my time when searching for even the smallest of details. Even a toilet paper holder can add a special touch to a room’s look and feel.

I fell in love with the little blue flowers on our vintage-style faucets. It may have been one of the first things I picked out for our master bathroom. In a way I designed the entire space around these.

The make up vanity that doubles as a desk which my husband built for me is still one of my favorite things about our master bathroom. The natural wood keeps the rest of the space from feeling too sterile.

Splurging on a marble patterned tile for our shower niche was doable on a small scale. It makes a glamorous statement on the tiled white backdrop.

Choosing rectangular under-mounted sinks versus oval or rounded added an edge of modern to the vanity.

We installed Florentina Gray Ceramic Tiles from Floor & Decor. The pattern is a nod to homes of earlier days without the price tag of authentic vintage tiles. Creating a balance between modern, sleeker elements and warmer, rustic features helped to elicit both sophistication and coziness in our master bath.

My friends, thank you for touring our master bathroom with me today. I’d love to hear what you think of this space. I’ve enjoyed sharing different outfits with you and will likely be trying out another look in the future. Until then, I look forward to staying connected with you!

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