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Hello beauties! This time of the year the landscaping takes a turn from lush and colorful to naked and dull. The remnants of fall-colored foliage float down to join the piles of dead leaves that was once your yard.

I find this is a wonderful time to make crafts with the kids using the myriad of different shapes and colored leaves.

And before you deadhead those dying blooms on your beloved plants, here’s a way to beautify your home using cuttings of those wilting blossoms.

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Hydrangea heads acquire gorgeous hues of faded greens and lavenders as they die off. The more muted version of emeralds and cyans is not to be overlooked, but rather revered. There’s a French or English Country aesthetic inherent in these subtle, but spectacular floral scenes.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how I love to preserve nature’s art by finding decorative uses for plant clippings and dried foliage. Something as simple as placing a few stems in a woven basket or tray can become a striking decor statement in the home. In our previous home I had fun with wildflowers in a giant basket and a bouquet of dried zinnias on my Tuscan-inspired wall.

Here in the South it is magnolia trees galore. Pruning time is perfect to get your hands on some of these stylish stems.  I decided to create contrast in the space by placing some of the deep green magnolia leaves in proximity to the hydrangea blooms. (This effect can also be achieved using other contrasting types of foliage).

Here I’m using a woven handle basket to display the magnolia stems. I position the basket against the bold colors of some houses I photographed in San Jose, Costa Rica. I love how the two items work together to add some color on one side of our bedroom. The earthiness of the basket and the wooden rustic drawers of the chest help keep the aesthetic in that French cottage mood.

You may recognize the chest of drawers from our previous home. I love how you can repurpose the design style of a piece into a new aesthetic by virtue of different surroundings. If you’d like to see how I renovated this thrifted piece, check out this tutorial. The home made chalk paint is no joke! It’s still holding up beautifully years later. And I’ve got to say, the wax and stain look I did on the drawers is still pretty spiffy.

Our master bedroom in our new home in Georgia is very different to the one in our previous home in Florida. I’ve had to re-think my design style as I’ve moved into each space in the home. There is a challenge and a joy in working on a new canvas and not being afraid to lean into something different than what you’re used to doing.

The way our home is set up yields nature views almost from every vantage point. One of the draws to the house was the view from our master bedroom overlooking the backyard. Tall oaks and sycamores, ivy-draped beds, and a lovely creek. Getting to take this in all day through a wall of windows was something we could see ourselves getting used to!

Having more windows means less wall space for decorating. The window views in essence become the focal point in our bedroom. So I decided to keep everything in the space calm and airy so as not to take away or compete with the view of nature.

We painted the walls in SW’s Creamy for a soft, muted palette. It took me weeks to find just the right curtains. I had to return some that didn’t work. But when I got these Off White Boho Linen Curtains and hung them up, they were perfect! They filter the light beautifully while providing privacy at night. The stitching and tassels add such a stunning detail to the relaxed, yet stylish ambience of the room.

Bedding in the bedroom can set the tone for the entire space. For this scene I’m using a beige comforter with a subtle geometric pattern as my base. Next I layer with throw pillows in soft colors and a throw blanket that brings in a floral pattern without being overpowering. The blanket folded and draped at the edge of the bed ties into the French Country feel of the Hydrangea blooms in the basket.

You may have seen my video where I styled our previous master in a French Country theme. In this video I took viewers on a fun shopping excursion where I shared some helpful tips for picking out throw pillows.

I appreciate and value the concept of re-using your existing decor in new ways. You don’t need to spend a fortune every time you crave a new look or when you move into a new home.
You may recognize my night stand from previous bedroom scenes. The smoky rustic renovation I gave our night stands years ago is still looking fabulous, I must say.

To stay in rhythm with the bright and crisp feel of the room, I kept the decor on the night stand simple and mainly white. Even if you’re working with a more neutral color experience, allow yourself doses of color throughout the space. This will keep things from becoming monochromatic and overly sterile.

Our home does not have much closet space. So I use furniture to store clothes and items. When I thought about a dresser for the wall opposite our bed, I knew I’d have to give it a light look. Having two large furniture pieces in a bedroom can make things look crowded. I found a compact dresser at the thrift store, sanded it down to the raw wood, and white washed it. I love how it came out and how it flows with the rest of the room.

Let me know what you think of our new bedroom. I’d been trying to carve out time to get it photographed so I could reveal it to you! Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more of our new home with you soon!

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